Friday, July 15, 2005


can't believe it's Friday already, and another HOT day here. It's gorgeous but ugh, too hot! In a nutshell and in no particular order:

~scrapbooking: nada, although I did get the August Creating Keepsakes yesterday, and also the Simple Scrapbooks idea book based on their Simple Sketches. It looks like a great book, haven't looked through it all yet. Hopefully this weekend I will get some scrapping done!

~kids: nothing new here either, just more of the same. Lots of swimming going on, that inflatable pool is getting lots of use! Larry promised to take them to the water park after work today if they get their chores done, they haven't gone yet this summer (bad mom!) so that's a pretty decent bribe, lol.

~grandma: had the liver biopsy yesterday, hopefully we'll get the results this afternoon but probably not until Monday. She had her 3rd radition treatment this morning, and is definitely not going home before next week at the earliest. I haven't gotten an update today but yesterday afternoon she seemed to be getting around a bit better, but then had a bad reaction during the biopsy and was on oxygen last night. We have a meeting with Sue from the hospice today at 1pm. Barrett still hasn't been to see her yet, so I"m going to take him this afternoon as long as she is doing ok, I'll have to call first.

~u2: they are still in Amsterdam playing the 3d of 3 concerts there. Interestingly, I found these old (but unused) Amsterdam/Holland postcards at goodwill this morning, so I had to buy them!


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