Tuesday, July 26, 2005


We had a little quake here last night, and I have to admit that I didn't believe Britt when she ran into my room to tell me about it! I felt it too, but was reading and didn't really give it much thought, I just assumed my boys were rough housing again (something that happens MUCH more often than an earthquake in MT, lol!). It was nothing major, I think 5.3 or something, but the kids are all excited and enjoying freaking themselves out about it.

Eileen and I took Gramma home again yesterday for a couple of hours. Man, it is hard work for all of us and once again I had my doubts about whether she had the strength to get up and out to the car to go back to the hospital. ugh! Gramma asked me yesterday to write her obituary, and to take her photo to go with it. I'm honored. My aunt and mom look to be coming out in the next few weeks, so I'm going to try to set up a family photo shoot and get some pics of everyone together. I'm really hoping my sister will be able to come out, too.

I still haven't done any actual scrapbooking, I'm a total loser! I did do 21 recipe cards for the godforsaken recipe swap. I *always* regret joining it when it comes time to do the cards, but somehow manage to forget that over time until I join up again. When will I learn?? On the up side, I'm going out for lunch and some sb shopping with a friend this afternoon, and my work schedule is really light this week, so maybe the combination of some new supplies and more free time will coax my muse to come out of hiding. I have lots of pics to scrap, that's for sure!


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