Monday, June 13, 2005


Yesterday was my first time of closing the gift/coffee shop at work. It went ok, it was pretty slow but I didn't go in until 3pm so I wasn't there all day (that's a good thing!). As I was leaving, literally on my way out the door, I noticed one thing that I forgot to do, but decided to leave it (shhhh, don't tell). Then, as I was falling asleep last night (ok, this morning...I stayed up way too late watching Sopranos Season 5, more about that later!) it occured to me that I locked the keys in the gift shop when I locked it up. Great. Then this morning as I was telling Larry about that, I remembered that I forgot to take the my journal tape out of the register when I closed out my till. DOH! I guess that's not too bad for my first time, but they were all 3 kind of stupid mistakes. Luckily there are plenty of spare keys around there so locking the keys inside isn't a major problem, just another thing that I'm sure to hear about when I go in again this afternoon.

The good news is that I'm closing again tonight and I'm sure I will remember those 3 things at least, lol!


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