Friday, June 17, 2005

what is the point...

of sinuses?? Because mine are nothing but an unending source of agony for me, I'm SURE my life would be much better if I just didn't have sinuses at all, lol! Seriously, I have another sinus infection, or rather another flare up of the same sinus infection I've had for years. I don't think it ever goes away, just backs off to get it's shit together and attacks me again a few weeks later. My whole head is in agony right now, and to top it off I've taken too much ibuprofen so I'm sick to my stomach, too. I can't lay down, so I can't sleep it off, and I'm basically just miserable. I can't focus or concentrate on anything, so I can't distract myself. Reading or watching tv just makes the headache worse. It got so bad I went and found the bottle of tylenol w/codeine that I got when I had pneumonia last winter, and I just took one of those so hopefully that will help. If nothing else I'll take another one at bedtime and maybe get some sleep that way.

So much for all my plans for the day!!


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