Monday, June 27, 2005

u2 rumors!

Got this from the atu2 blog, how great would it be if the boys come back to the US next summer for stadium shows?? I'm still hoping and planning on seeing them in Vegas in Nov., but it'd be really fun to see them outdoors next summer, too.

"It seems like the rumor mill has been busy with speculation that U2 will be bringing their stadium show over to the US next summer. As reported on RTE and covered by, Paul McGuinness has been quoted as saying that they're examining this option for next summer."

In other u2 news, word has it that they will open the Live8 concert on Saturday with Paul McCartney, playing Sgt. Peppers. Then u2 will reportedly play another song, then they fly from London to Vienna for the scheduled show that night. I also read that Sir Paul will be closing Live 8 with The Long and Winding Road, which would be awesome, that is probably my favorite Beatles song! I could start tearing up right now just thinking about it. I need to make some plans for how I'm going to watch the boys on Sat, I hope I don't have to work!!


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