Saturday, June 11, 2005

taxi, anyone?

I feel like I have literally been living in the van today, so much so that it's time to switch out the cd's I have in there before I wear them out, lol!

Got up early this morning (6:30) and went to garage sales (scored a great bunkbed for the boys, we have to go pick it up tomorrow. YAY!). Then took Larry to work, and went to Biolife (total bloodbath! Tink, see below, lol!), got home and started ferrying kids to various b-day parties. Took Britt to Gibson Park, where she couldn't find her friend, so we left and took Barrett to the KOA, then back to Gibson to drop Britt off. Then I took Tucker and Lilly to DQ (strawberry cheesequake blizzard, yum!) since they didn't get to go to any bday parties, and came home for a bit. Then BACK to the KOA to pick up Barrett, and in a few minutes I'll leave to get Britt. Later this evening it will be back to the airport to pick up Larry. See what I mean?!? UGH! I've only been home long enough to see how messy it is and not long enough to do anything about it.

I didn't end up having to work today, though, which is good. Tomorrow I work 3-close, so only about 3 hours, and that is also good, lol.

Now, about Biolife (this is per Tink's request, if you're squeamish you might not want to read this paragraph, lol!). I go there twice a week to donate plasma. I've been going for a while, maybe a couple of years? Anyway, a long time. Usually it's fairly uneventful, or if I'm lucky someone else will have a minor crisis that will serve as entertainment for me (leaky tubes, falling asleep and rolling off the table, stuff like that). Today, it was MY blood spraying around, which was much less entertaining for me because it was messy, lol. I don't know what happened, the phleb hit a bunch of scar tissue when she stuck me and it was really hard to get the needle through, and I think that kind of messed her up because then she accidentally pulled out the needle and blood started shooting out, lol. It ended up fine, I did my donation and all was good, but it was bizarre and yucky, my entire arm was basically coated with blood. ICK! I guess it was worth $25, it was definitely better than having to go to work for enough hours to earn that much, lol.

I'm just not thoroughly enjoying the shifts I've been covering in the coffee shop. It's not bad when it's busy (bring it on! the busier the better!), but the down times between flights just d---r---a---g by and I HATE that! Plus the manager of that department actually said "who's Bono?" to me, need I say more? I don't think I can work with someone who doesn't know who Bono is, lol! Seriously, it's not too bad, but those dead times just make me want to go home, I'm just there thinking about all the stuff I *should* be doing or stuff I'd *rather* be know how it is.


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