Thursday, June 23, 2005


oops, forgot to take off the caps lock for a minute...anyway, I'm excited because it's time for Lifetime Moments ( Summer Scrapfest! I took part in this last year and had a great time, got tons of pages done and just generally enjoyed myself. I wasn't able to do the Winter Scrapfest this year, so I'm doubly excited for Summer Scrapfest which starts tomorrow! Yay!

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, here is a short blurb from LM about SSC:
"Whether you consider yourself a Preschooler or College Doctorate Candidate in scrapping, it is off to Summer School for you with this year’s Back to Basics SUMMER SCHOOL SCRAPFEST! Lifetime Moment’s SUMMER SCHOOL SCRAPFEST will run from June 24th through September 8th, changing months (or sessions) at the end of July. You can join both terms or join month by month, depending on your schedule and interest!

It's fun because there are different challenges, and for each project you upload during scrapfest you get points for certain things, like last year you got points for stitching, stamping, using letter stickers, stuff like that.

Sign ups start tomorrow, so if this sounds fun to you it's not too late to take part! Here's the link to the CyberCrop forum on LM, this is scrapfest central!
ok, the link is in my html but when I view the page it doesn't show the link? weird! Here is the url:


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