Friday, June 17, 2005

photo friday

I'm taking some time this morning to upload a bunch of photos onto my hard drive. Luckily I had saved most of them to disk, or online, so when I reformatted the hard drive I didn't lose all of them! I feel like playing around w/photo shop today, so I need some photos on the computer to play with. I'm also going to upload a bunch to sam's and get them printed out, not that I don't have enough prints already to scrap with, but I like having them in tangible form to hold and look at, rather than just in digital form.

Larry took my camera to work today, let's all take a minute to say a prayer that it returns home safely so I won't be forced to commit a crime against him, lol!

The gas guy came this morning and re-lit the pilot on our water heater, so I can actually take a shower, wash dishes and do laundry today! It's just sad how happy I am to have hot running water after a few days of going without, lol.

I plan on getting the rest of the housework done today, after the past week of Larry and I working every day and the kids being at home all those days the house was looking pretty bad. I did some of it yesterday, but today I will do the rest of the dishes, scrub the kitchen and bathroom floors, finish the laundry and change the beds. I also need to wipe down walls (what do they do, wipe their hands on the wall everytime they get dirty?? I swear, I could wash walls every day around here!) and I'm going to borrow Grandma's carpet cleaner for the living room and to do the upholstery (they only other place kids seem able to wipe their dirty hands on).

Fun fun, huh?


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