Tuesday, June 07, 2005

new quickutz!

I saw a picture of the new July Quickutz shapes, they are really cute! All little boys stuff, like a truck, legos, video game, etc. I know I'm gonna want some of these! I've been waiting for these, ever since they came out with the girly stuff earlier this year I knew the boy stuff would come eventually. I haven't gotten any new QK since my trip to Bellingham, so it will be nice to add something to my collection. AND QK is having a big sale right now so I will be able to get them at 40-50% off which is nice. I'm considering a new font, but I don't really want one that bad so I will probably wait.

I spent the morning reorganizing some of my sb stuff, it all started because I was looking for one little thing (cat's eye adapter for my Colorbox stylus!) and I didn't find that but did get a whole lot of other stuff sorted out. I think it was all actually just a stalling tactic so I wouldn't have to put my nose to the grindstone and get some actual projects finished, but shhhhhh, don't tell!

Larry and the kids just left for a hike, Barrett stayed home with me. He spent the night at Chase's the night before last and still hasn't recovered...Shawn said they stayed up until 4:30 am! So Barrett is still really tired, and stayed home to veg out and relax. Which is just what I'm going to do, too, in fact I'm going to take a
nap right now.


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