Saturday, June 04, 2005

new bikes!

All 4 kids got "new" bikes today. They are happy and I'm letting them ride even though we haven't gotten helmet's yet. Bad mom! Lilly especially loves her trike, it's her first one and she is thrilled. She rides it up and down the sidewalk ringing the little bell over and over. Too cute!

Tucker of course was inside playing a computer game when I took the photos, so I don't have any of him on his bike yet. He really really wanted a bike, and then as soon as he got it he put it away and came inside! Typical Tucker.

So, I had sort of halfway planned to go to the crop at MOMS today, but then I found out I'm working at 5am tomorrow. Ick! So I'm staying home tonight so I can go to bed early. It's easier to crop at home anyway, where all my stuff is. Crops are good for the social aspect, but I never really get much done at them.

Speaking of crops, I think I'm going to the Getaway! It is 3 weeks from today, actually it's a Fri-Sun. I'm not 100% sure yet, but I have lined up a ride and can share the suite with a bunch of my MOS buddies, so I just have make the final decision and do it. I think it's a go, but I'm still hesitating just because of the $. I'm excited to think about it, though, so probably I will end up going. Anyway, I'm picking up some decent hours at work this week, so money won't be quite as tight as it has been lately.

It's such a gorgeous day here today, I love these cool summer evenings. The doors are open and Larry is outside with the kids so I can enjoy listening to them play without worrying about what they are doing, lol! I need to get busy, though. Hopefully I will get some scrapping done tonight and will be back later to upload a layout!


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