Monday, June 20, 2005

a fun this or that I got off another blog....

1. Window shades or blinds? blinds, but I prefer the softer look of curtains!

2. Wall or desk calendar? wall...desk calendars always end up in the bottom of the toy box or something.

3. Paint or wallpaper? Paint, wallpaper is just so not me.

4. Electric or gas stove? electric all the way...I don't have a sense of smell so I'll never have a gas stove, I'm afraid I wouldn't smell the fumes if there was a leak and I'd blow us all up!

5. Carpeting or bare floors? I love hardwood floors, but they are a pain to keep clean w/all the dusting, etc

6. One TV, or more than one? unfortunately, we have a tv in every bedroom as well as the living room. Oh well, it cuts down on the fighting about what to watch

7. Leather or fabric sofa? Fabric, I've never seen the attraction of leather.

8. Eat meals in kitchen or dining room? yeah, we don't have a dining room but we also don't usually eat in the kitchen, it's usually in the living room in front of th tv, lol!

9. Fabric or vinyl shower curtain? vinyl. Nice things like fabric shower curtains are lost on my family.

10. Your kitchen: well-equipped or bare bones? well-equipped, my dh is a chef so it couldn't be any other way!


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