Tuesday, June 21, 2005


don't you love it when you find something that you've been looking for forever? I love that feeling! I got a little of it yesterday when Britt found Tucker's missing gameboy under the seat in the van. Yes! But today I am very happy because I found the missing cord/foot pedal to my sewing machine. I had just about given up hope and was telling Larry earlier today that I might as well get rid of the machine and look for a new one when it occured to me that there was one place I hadn't looked yet. Sure enough, there it was! Not that I'm going to do any actual {sewing}, I just want to use it for scrapbooking purposes. :-Þ

I'm not only proud of myself for finding that cord, but also I took (ok, Larry did the lifting) 3 boxes of books to goodwill this afternoon, as well as emptying out another 2 boxes of "stuff" leftover from the move. That's 5 less boxes in my closet, I only have a handful left and thanks to digging through them looking for the aforementioned cord I have a good idea of what's in them all.

I've been working on Mt. Laundry and about had it tackled, but it is SO hot and muggy here today that I just couldn't keep running the dryer, so I will finish up tonight when it cools off some (that's optimism for you! WHEN it cools off, not IF, lol!).

I'm going to bunco tonight so everyone *please* cross all crossables for me, I'm hoping to win big, lol! I don't know what the prizes are but they are usually sbr, so it's bound to be a good haul. I just hope Tanya has air conditioning so we aren't all sweating our asses off while we're there!

Larry is on an emergency popsicle run w/75% of our children at the moment, the remaining 25% is anxiously waiting his turn on the computer, so I am outta here!


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