Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Adorable Bono

Adorable Bono
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This started out as a scraplift of Janna Wilson's "Cousins" in the PK Family Matters book, mainly the layers of different patterned papers, from there I went off on my own tangent, lol.
The pp is all KI Memories, I love this line! Oh, except the purple which is actually bazzill cardstock with a K&Co transparency over it.
The photo is mine, and the journaling is long and sappy, lol. Ok, if you really want to know, here's what it says:
"When I look at this photo and the others from that day I still can't believe I did it - I met Bono!
My impressions of the man...he was short, quiet, peaceful and kind, and gorgeous! He really took the time to meet and greet us fans that day, and he certainly didn't have to do that.
For some reason I was surprised at his accent. I couldn't believe that was HIM, standing there, next to ME!
I had hoped and planned for this moment all along, and dreamed about it for so long, but I never really thought it'd be that easy.
I had decided long before that if I ever got a chance to meet Bono I would thank him for the difference his music has made in my life, and did just that.
Me: "Hi Bono! Your music has changed my life, and I just wanted to day thank you"
Bono: "Heeeeyyy!" (kind of a long drawn out "Hey")
He was going along the line of fans as I said that to him, and he signed my ticket stub from the previous night's concert.
As he went back down the line and passed me again, he reached out grabbed my hand.
The whole thing was a wonderful experience, and a real dream come true!" 6/28/05


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